Marissa DeParto


Marissa grew up in New Jersey as a competitive soccer athlete. She continued playing at Susquehanna University where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Her first year after graduation she learned a unique form of Bodywork Therapy called Reactivation, which had been her main form of stress and pain management throughout her soccer career. In 2016 she received her Level III Reactivation Specialist Certification, soccer coaching license and NASM CPT. She also took an accelerated program to become a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist. 

During her first two years of personal training, she practiced at local gyms around New Jersey. In year three, she took a job with a NYC in-home training company where she traveled around the city working with a variety of clientele. She was able to further her career and knowledge through their high standards of professionalism and education. 

Having always been told how to train, upon graduating college, Marissa was finally able to train herself. She found a passion for calisthenics movements based on gymnastics strength and inversion training. She is working towards progressing more complex movements and gaining complete control over her bodyweight. In 2018, she received her Medical Exercise Specialist Certification which has taught her how to safely organize an exercise program to help manage any medical condition. She loves to educate her clients on how to safely and efficiently progress towards their goals. Marissa is passionate about balanced movement and helping others manage their pain and stress through both exercise and bodywork.